3 Tips for Attending a Conference on Rangelands

In many places, there are hundreds and thousands of rangelands. These are very important for our ecosystem and they also contribute to our economy. But managing and conserving these rangelands have become a challenge. Various conferences are held every year to discuss how the rangelands can be protected. If you are planning to attend a […]

Some Signs of Unhealthy Rangelands

Rangelands provide us both natural and economic benefits. We get natural resources, tangible and intangible products from the rangelands. It provides a habitat for wildlife and other ecosystems. It also provides recreational activities like hiking, birding, camping, and other activities. The aesthetic beauty cannot be ignored as well. Healthy rangelands have a huge diversity of […]

Effect of Climate Change on Rangelands

Rangelands store about 30% of the soil carbon of the world. A major amount of the above soil carbon is stored in trees, shrubs, and grasses. Climate change can have very harmful effects on the natural environment. This mainly includes changes in ecosystem and biodiversity. Stresses are imposed on the rangelands by the livestock production […]

Things to Know About Rangeland Management

Rangelands are huge lands that are home to various ecosystems which benefit the environment and the economy. In the US, there are millions of acres of rangelands. Many people have their private rangelands. 43% of the rangelands in the US is managed by the federal government and the rest by the state and local government. […]