Rangelands store about 30% of the soil carbon of the world. A major amount of the above soil carbon is stored in trees, shrubs, and grasses. Climate change can have very harmful effects on the natural environment. This mainly includes changes in ecosystem and biodiversity.

Stresses are imposed on the rangelands by the livestock production and demand for meat. Natural habitats are mainly affected due to urbanization. Climate changes, like an increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, can negatively affect rangelands.

Changes in the temperature can also harm the rangeland ecosystems.

These include shifting of ecological zones, reduction in ecological productivity, and loss of flora and fauna. Due to climate change, extreme conditions can take place like floods or drought.

This can increase the amount of land degradation and loss of biodiversity. Climate change can affect the length of growing seasons and the yield of crops and livestock. This will result in food shortages.

Sound rangeland management is necessary to reduce the impact of climate change on the rangelands. These include restoring the organic matter to soils, reducing losses that result from overgrazing or burning, and reducing erosion.

Various events and conferences are organized every year to discuss the effect of climate change on rangelands and how to get out of the challenging situation. There is a need for managing and conserving the rangeland and the researchers and environmentalists are trying to find out the best solutions.

We should also try to reduce the effect of climate change by bringing changes to our lifestyle. We should use fewer private cars so that the emission of CO2 is low. We should stop cutting trees for making roads or buildings.

We must reduce pollution so that there is less CO2 in the air which is a major reason for climate change. We need to take steps immediately to save the ecosystem and the natural habitats of thousands of plant and animal species in the rangelands. Otherwise, we will soon lose the forests and many of our natural resources.

We must make people aware of the need to conserve the rangelands. We should stop the human activities that are causing damage to the rangelands.