Top Rangeland Events This Year

Our rangelands are compromised due to human and natural activities. Climate change is a major concern now as it will hurt the rangelands. Every year various workshops and conferences are held to discuss how to manage and conserve the rangelands to protect the environment. Here are some of the major events that will take place […]

Entertainment Options at a Conference

If you thought that conferences were just serious talks, then you are wrong. In many rangeland and other conferences today, lots of things are arranged for entertaining the guests besides the normal ‘talk’ sessions. Food and cocktail stations You will find food and cocktail stations in conference halls. So, in between the various sessions at […]

Some Signs of Unhealthy Rangelands

Rangelands provide us both natural and economic benefits. We get natural resources, tangible and intangible products from the rangelands. It provides a habitat for wildlife and other ecosystems. It also provides recreational activities like hiking, birding, camping, and other activities. The aesthetic beauty cannot be ignored as well. Healthy rangelands have a huge diversity of […]