Our rangelands are compromised due to human and natural activities. Climate change is a major concern now as it will hurt the rangelands.

Every year various workshops and conferences are held to discuss how to manage and conserve the rangelands to protect the environment. Here are some of the major events that will take place this year.

International Rangeland Congress

It will take place this October in Nairobi, Kenya. Congress promotes the interchange of information about rangelands. This includes research, planning, development, and management.


This event attracts people who are working on protecting the rangeland.

National Grazing Lands Coalition

The National Grazing Lands Coalition provides sound management of grazing lands so that they can be beneficial for the environment. It provides education, research and technical assistance for studies related to grazing lands.

They work with agricultural organizations and people who work in the sector to foster grazing lands conservation. The event will take place in December this year in South Carolina.

International Conference on Rangeland Ecology and Management

This year the event is going to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark in July. The objective of the conference is to bring together scholars from all over the world to present their views about the current situation of rangeland.

Students, industry researchers, and academics will be present at the event. They will discuss the latest innovations and trends in this sector, the practical challenges that are encountered, and solutions.

These conferences give scope to learn the latest information and news about the rangelands. It gives a wonderful networking opportunity and you can connect with others who are also working to improve the rangeland condition.