Rangelands protect our vast ecosystems. So, we need to manage and protect it. If you are interested to learn more about rangelands, then you must read books and blogs. Here are some recommended books on rangelands.

Rangeland Ecology and Management

By Harold Heady, R. Dennis Child

The study of rangeland management has improved over the years. Researchers have come up with innovative approaches to rangeland management and have learned about the environmental concerns regarding it. This book includes the policies, laboratory works, and other findings of rangeland management.

Rangeland Ecology, Management, and Conservation Benefits

By Victor Roy Squires (Editor)

Rangelands have vast land which is home to grasslands, woodland, wetlands, shrublands, and others. These are grazed by the livestock or wild animals. Here you will know about the sustainability in the beef cattle systems.

From this book, you will get a glimpse of people who are affected by the rangelands and the need to conserve them. You will learn about biodiversity loss and other environmental issues concerning the rangelands.

Rangeland Health

By National Research Council

Rangelands comprise a major portion of land in the U.S. These areas are home to wildlife and livestock grazing. The land is also used for recreational purposes. In this book, you will find the scientific basis of methods that are used by federal agencies to classify, monitor, and inventory rangelands. The findings of this book are important to the local and state policymakers.

Wild Rangelands

By Johan T. du Toit, Richard Kock, James C. Deutsch (Editors)

The rangelands provide a habitat for the wildlife species. This book talks about the pressures that people are creating on the rangeland ecosystem by using the land, overhunting, and commercial farming of crops and livestock. Here you will learn about wildlife management and conservation.

Rangeland Systems

By David D. Briske

From this book, you will learn about the progress in studies about rangelands over the past 25 years. You will learn about the conceptual framework for learning about the development of rangelands. You will also learn the changes recommended to the federal agencies concerning rangelands.

These books will teach you more about rangeland management and conservation. You will know how much the research works have progressed and learn about the new policies concerning rangelands.